Indonesia has seen a remarkable growth in the television industry in the past 2 decades, significantly marked by the increasing number of private broadcasting stations, where it had only three in the late 1990s, to more than 10 at present.

The growth has inevitably breathed new life to, among others, consumer industry and entertainment industry as television deemed the most effective media to touch millions of people with values, services and products.

With such backdrop, Screenplay Productions came to life. Under the flagship of the EMTEK Group which houses the channels: SCTV, Indosiar and O Channel, Screenplay Productions was established in August 2010. The young production house is credited with, among others, content innovation. It has put TV movies and TV series on to the ratings map in Indonesia, which is known as Asia’s fastest growing and most viciously competitive free-TV market.

Fledging spirits to provide products with more emphasis on creativity and quality compelling content, Screenplay Productions has showcased its stride. It introduced higher-end productions to a bread and butter mass-market slate, while continuing to explore new content frontiers, to serve Indonesia’s rapidly growing middle class.

Driven by the need to stay on the lead, Screenplay Productions has always tried to be a trendsetter as evident in it’s popular titles such as "Pesantren dan Rock and Roll", "Putih Abu Abu" and "Love In Paris". At the same time, Screenplay Productions focuses on shows that are market driven and sensitive to audience trend analysis.

Screenplay Productions also aims to enter the regional market with titles that have universality of theme and an international flair in it’s elements such as "Love In Paris", enabling wider audience at the regional market to relate. Screenplay Productions often also looks abroad at the more developed markets for inspiration as many of them can be localized and tailored to suit the audience at home.

It is a daily staple to closely watch the dynamics in the market and what the audience need. Our Creative and Production team are always on guard to showcase their best efforts to come with creative shows without sacrificing our integrity to always put quality first before anything else.

While it will largely remain focused in it’s core products of Stripping and TV Movies, but in the second quarter of 2013, Screenplay Productions intends to produce Feature Films. It opens the door for co-operation with film companies from the region to ensure a quality product that can penetrate the regional market.

At the moment, Screenplay Productions’ Stripping and TV Movies are in their growing stages. Including new emerging talents to stand equal with the senior players of the industry. Apart from accommodating the audience’s needs for fresher looks, such moves enable Screenplay Productions to grow new talents who can showcase quality and creative values in the works.

With regards to the current business environment and dynamics, we do realize that the coming year will be a tough but challenging one. Bearing that in mind, we do have our plans to increase our sales, not only in terms of quantity, but in quality as well.

Grooming our own talents and building up their skills and quality performance are a way to maintain the quality we desire.

Screenplay Productions’ growth at the moment must not be underpinned solely by the external business climate as it has also been built up by efforts contributed by employees and the supportive co-operation of the shareholders. Continuous stride and effort will always be made to ensure paramount growth is achieved all the way, true to the company’s motto, "Actions, not words".

Tonight, 09 December 2022
Tonight, 09 December 2022